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GMA-Studios was born out of the need to still offer studio quality broadcast and recording to PR’s and broadcasters, without the need to travel into a physical studio, for working remotely. Our studios have been completely re- designed for remote working. You still get the full studio experience, as the vocal booth is replaced with an individual high quality Zoom or Skype type of connection to each of the spokespeople or guests, each having their own channel on our mixers. Broadcasters can be connected via ISDN, telephone, Skype etc. through our studio mixers, to speak to the guests or spokespeople, on a zoom type meeting. All without the other additional costs associated with going into a traditional studio, such as travel, accommodation, food, client and guest expenses and more importantly, your time. The traditional ‘green room’ where PR’s, clients and agents would sit, is now replaced with a Zoom meeting, which is also routed through the mixer, allowing you to still listen in to the interviews and speak to the guests just like if you were using talk-back in a traditional studio setting.
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